The Old Holland Tour is currently out of season!


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Old Holland Tour: Visit The Windmills & Traditional Villages 

Travel from Amsterdam Centraal Station to Edam, Volendam, Zaandam, Zaanse Schans, Monnickendam and Broek in Waterland with Old Holland Tour. 

What is the Old Holland Tour? 
We are the public transport operators in the Zaanstreek-Waterland Region. In the spring and summer we organize the Old Holland Tour: One all-inclusive ticket for all buses in this area, including the boat to Marken. 

Why take the Old Holland Tour?  

  • Only €20,- for all day tickets — much cheaper than tour operators
  • Free Wi-Fi included
  • Free Old Holland Tour app: local tips, audio tours & sightseeing information
  • See the traditional villages from a locals point of view
  • Pick your own schedule: Hop on and off at every stop, any moment of the day. 

Experience the authentic scenery in style. Take the Old Holland Tour!  

Taking the Tour: How does it work? 

  • Start at Amsterdam Central Station
    Find our red buses on the bus platform on the waterside of Central Station “IJzijde”. Need directions? Click here.
  • Buy your ticket from the service team
    Our red jacket teams are on the bus platform between 9:30 – 14:30h
  • Decide on a direction
    You can choose different ways to tour around. From Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans you can take bus 391. Do you prefer to go as quickly as possible? Take Express service 891. To visit Edam or Volendam, take bus 316. Our buses depart every 5 minutes.
  • Need a guide? Download the Old Holland Tour app!
    Our app includes information on routes, stops and landmarks/sights in the Zaanstreek area. The app is available for both Android and IOS devices.
    You can read more here or download the app here.
  • Hop on and off all day
    You can use your ticket for one day, without limitations on our buses. Visit as many places as you like!
  • Take our boat to Marken!
    In Volendam you can take our boat: the MarkenExpress. Travel to the famous island of Marken in only 20 minutes.

Overview of active routes today

The map shows all routes, stops & real-time positions of the buses. Refreshed every 30 seconds.

Where To Get Tickets

You can buy tickets at the bus platform. Our red sales teams are waiting here and will help you on your way!

Click here to go directly to the bus platform (Google Maps)

Points of sale: Amsterdam
For the ticket sales location: Click here for the directions. The bus platform is on the second floor. Here you’ll find our sales teams and red buses. You can also buy your ticket at the Public Transport Ticket shop just below the bus platform.

Points of sale: BTM Tickets
If you are already in Edam, Volendam or Zaanse Schans you can buy a one-trip BTM ticket (Bus, Tram, Metro). The price of this ticket is € 6,50 and you can travel 1.5 hours with all public transport. You can buy this ticket directly from the bus driver.

If you have an Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket for 1, 2 or 3 days – this is also valid on the Old Holland Tour buses!

Example of the Ticket

The Old Holland Tour App: Your personal guide

When taking the Old Holland Tour you can let yourself be informed by our App. There are walking tours, audio tours and local tips in the area.

Download the Old Holland Tour app in Google Play or the Apple Store. Explore with the app and find out where the finest locations are hidden.

The app is made to help you enjoy the beautiful side of Holland and completely free. Once downloaded it will also give you an overview of all bus times and locations, so you’ll never miss anything on your schedule!

Download the Old Holland Tour App here!

This app contains:

  • The hop on hop off locations
  • View our busses and boats real-time on the map
  • Departure times per stop (every 15 minutes)
  • Description of points of interest along the route
  • Walks with audio tour along the route
  • Ticket sales points
  • Available in 8 languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Chinese and Dutch

An affordable and fun way to discover Old Holland!

Timetable & Routes

Our buses leave from Central Station, with stops throughout Waterland-Zaanstreek. All buses take the same route back to Central Station, so you can get back from every stop.

Bus route 316:
Every 15 minutes between 06.00 and 18.00. After this every 30 minutes.

Bus route 391:
Every 15 minutes before 09.00 and after 15.00. Between this every 30 minutes.

Bus route 891:
Every 10 minutes between 10.00 and 15.00.

Bus route 817:
Every 30 minutes in both directions.

Old Holland Tour not scheduled? 
We visit most destinations out-of-season too! In the schedule all dates are shown when the Old Holland Tour is available. Off-season? Most of our buses are still available!

Click here to see which bus routes are active today.



Spring/summer 2020: Schedule

As a result of the coronaviris and all of the measures taken worldwide and by the Dutch Governement unfortunately we are not able to exploit the Old Holland Tour during the month of April. Further information will follow.

Spring/summer 2020: Routes

All available routes you can take with your Old Holland Tour ticket.

Old Holland Tour: Stops and Destinations

The Old Holland tour – Visit Old town harbours, windmills and the unique dutch landscapes with public transport. Get on board at Amsterdam Central Station and visit NDSM Wharf, Zaandam, Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Edam, Marken, Monnickendam and Broek in Waterland. We offer free Wi-Fi.

Amsterdam Central Station: IJzijde

Amsterdam Central Station is the starting point of the Old Holland Tour. Bus lines 391 and 891 (Express service) depart from bus platform L. In July and August you can buy the Old Holland Tour ticket from the service teams on the bus platform between 09.30 and 14.30.


NDSM Wharf

The NDSM wharf can be found at bus stop ‘Klaprozenweg’ and offers a warm welcome to new visitors. This 25-acre urban oasis provides an overview of majestic industrial buildings, inviting restaurants and cafes, creative architecture and a beautiful view across the waters of the IJ. A true modern hotspot built on a shipbuilding history!


Zaandam: City Centre

The centre of Zaandam is located near bus stop ‘Mennistenerf’. Zaandam offers unique attractions, such as the Czaar Peterhouse, as well as amazing architecture like the Inntel hotel. The newly built city centre makes Zaandam an ideal place for shopping and relaxing.

Tip: Take the walking route in Zaandam centre, provided by the Old Holland Tour App!


Zaanse Schans

You will find the entrance to the Zaanse Schans directly at the bus stop.

The Zaanse Schans is a residential area in which the 18th and 19th centuries are brought to life. Stroll past the bakery museum and enjoy the smell of fresh bread, or take a look at the warehouse where clogs are made. You should be sure not to miss the cheese factory, pewter foundry and the various windmills. The Zaanse Schans is a unique part of the Netherlands, full of wooden houses, mills, barns and workshops. Make a cycling or sailing trip, browse the shops or treat yourself at the pancake restaurant. A day out at the Zaanse Schans in North Holland is fun and educational.

The ideal place to start your visit to Zaanse Schans is at the Zaans Museum where you can buy the Zaanse Schans Card.

Tip: Discover the Zaanse Schans bij foot, using the walking route Zaanse Schans offered in the Old Holland Tour app.

Edam: Centre

Smalltown Harbours such as Edam, Volendam, Marken, Monnickendam and Broek in Waterland all share a rich history of fishing and trade. They are situated on the edge of the Zuiderzee, a former inland sea now separated into the IJsselmeer and Markermeer by major dikes. Their authentic character and charm have survived intact for centuries.

The still active fishing harbours of these towns are a perfect spot to taste traditional treats like fresh herring or smoked eel, but they’ve also been decked out with beautiful and bustling waterside terraces and restaurants, to wine, dine and socialise. While there, don’t forget to explore the old ways of country living or take a picture dressed in some traditional Dutch costumes and clogs!

Edam is famous for the cheese that has been sold to all corners of the world for centuries. In the summer months there are the famous cheese markets, where visitors can taste the many types of cheese.    Edam has a charming centre  Edams Museum, one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands.  Water board house, listed building with a lovely view  Great Church, (15th century) largest hall church of Europe with beautiful stained glass windows  The Fort near Edam, part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam (Unesco World Heritage Site) 

Tip: The free Old Holland Tour app offers you the Edam walking route, with audio tour!


Volendam: Center

The dike of Volendam is the beating heart of the town where you will find mainly restaurants, tourist shops and tourists. Typically Dutch souvenirs are sold and you can eat delicious fish here. Have yourself photographed in original Volendam costume. Visit Volendams Museum and taste, see and experience cheese in Cheese Factory Volendam.  

Tip: The Old Holland Tour app offers you the Volendam walking route with audio tour.


Boat Trip: Volendam & Marken

Volendam Terminal: Starting point Marken Express.

Use your Old Holland Tour ticket to sail from Volendam to Marken and back with the Marken Express. The fleet of the Volendam Marken Express consists of 3 different boats. A boat departs from the harbour every 30 to 45 minutes. The first departure from Volendam is at 10.30.

During the 30 minutes crossing you will hear enjoyable music and you will have the option to listen to an audio guide which is available in Dutch or English. You will find a cozy Captainsbar on board where you can eat and drink during the crossing.

Tip: You will find a cozy Captainsbar on board where you can eat and drink during the crossing.


A famous Dutch fishing town, with only 140 listed buildings.

Tip: At Marken, visit The Clog Experience and the Original house of Marken.




  • Waterlands Museum the ‘Speeltoren’ .
  • The Great Church: You can see the spire of this hall church from far way. The nave and the aisles are the same length. They refer to the trinity; The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • The old Town Hall is a fine example of 18th-century Rococo architecture.

Tip: The free Old Holland Tour app offers you the Monnickendam walking route with audio tour.

Broek in Waterland

Come see ’t Havenrak, with its enchanting view over the water. Here you can find Napoleon’s House, a white pagoda-like teahouse. Almost 200 years ago, emperor Napoleon drank a cup of tea with the mayor here. At least, that’s how the story still goes. 

Tip: The free Old Holland Tour app offers you a Waterland walking route with audio tour.

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The Old Holland Tour is currently out of season!

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